Positive Reinforcement Training/Puppy and Behavioral Consultations
classfall06Linda’s Pet Care Services provides positive reinforcement training classes every summer and private one on one lessons at your home in the winter. The positive reinforcement training class is a five-week course covering all the basic skills (including sit, down, settle, stay, off, leave it, wait, don’t pull, with me, watch me, come and stand.) Also included in the course are weekly puppy and adult behavior tips, Q & A sessions, playtime with other pets and heavy emphasis on training our pets on how to be appropriate in public and at home with other people as well as other pets.The summer course is  $175.00; private training is $75 per hour, per session.

All pets attending summer public classes will be required to be current on rabies (if old enough) , distemper and bordatella prior to the start of class. A copy of your pet’s current vaccination history will be required at registration time. Deposits for training courses will be refunded up to seven days prior to the first class. Cancellations with less than seven days notice will not be refunded.

Oct05gradAll training is based on positive reinforcement, with heavy emphasis on material from such renowned trainers and behaviorists including Pat Miller, Dr. Ian Dunbar and Dr. Roland Tripp. Weekly homework guide sheets are distributed to all class members.

Puppy and Behavior photo4Consultation

There is nothing quite like taking on the awesome responsibility of an eight week old puppy or an adopted dog fresh out of an animal shelter. There is also nothing quite like the possible myriad of problems that may accompany your new pet. Puppy and behavior consultations are available Monday through Friday by appointment. This service has proven to be a life
saver, quite literally, for several clients that have adopted puppies or adult dogs that are experiencing anything from potty training problems to separation anxiety disorder. Barking, destructive chewing, anxiety, potty training, canine aggression and fearful behavior are just a few of the behaviors that are commonly addressed and modified to ensure a long, happy and healthy relationship between a pet and the owner.

poppyThefall2008class consultation fee is $75.00 per hour and will include hand outs and homework as well as one free half-hour follow-up consultation within the month. Because of the ever evolving field of behavior and behavior modification, Linda’s Pet Care Services offers excellent referrals for those that require further consultation.