Welcome to Estes Park, Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park and home to Linda’s Pet Care Services…a nontraditional setting for canine daycare and canine overnight camp.

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I launched Linda’s Pet Care Services in the spring of 2002 with the goal of offering an alternative to traditional boarding. I managed a boarding kennel for three years and saw the severe stress and isolation that the dogs experienced in that type of abnormal setting. I wanted something different. Something unique. Something not offered anywhere else in Estes Park. Most of all, I wanted to create a setting for dogs that would provide love, comfort, play and attention–the same things our pets are surrounded by at home.

My philosophy is that dogs are not naturally comfortable in a boarding situation. A boarding kennel is the very antithesis to everything we teach them–they are expected to relieve themselves on concrete, when we train them to go outdoors. They are expected to be confined for 22 hours a day in a 4 x 8 kennel, when they are used to having free rein of both their home and their outdoor yard. No wonder our dogs are often miserable in a boarding kennel. They are isolated from people and other dogs, surrounded by concrete, metal and a pee drain. The very setting is alien to everything our dogs have grown accustomed to.

I believe that a well-socialized pet means the following: a dog that is both mentally and physically stimulated on a regular basis. Dogs evolved from wolves, which are pack creatures. Simply put, it means that dogs love the company of other dogs. They are not loners by nature and prefer the company of humans and pets. They will follow another dog or person from room to room in order to avoid being left alone. This is why our set-up fills that void in your dog’s life when he can’t be with you.

Dogs often form lifelong friendships with multiple dogs outside their immediate family and grieve when that pet moves or passes away. Dogs deserve the right to form friendships, create lifelong bonds and enjoy the company of other humans and pets outside their own home. A healthy dog is a dog that has ample opportunity to play, interact, eat yummy treats and mingle for hours with other equal minded dogs. Healthy dogs live longer, experience less behavioral and aggression problems, and provide years of wonderful, loving companionship to their human family.

Our facility is unlike any other in Estes Park. It includes all the comforts of home (see Facility Photos for a tour) plus the added feature of an indoor play room for small dogs as well as two large, outdoor play yards surrounded by a six foot cedar fence with supervisors in the yard giving your pet one on one attention. The indoor playroom provides a much needed outlet for our smaller dogs, puppies and ‘lounge lizards’ during inclement weather, giving them an opportunity to play from dawn to dusk, come rain, sleet or snow.

The goals of Linda’s Pet Care Services are simple: Dogs that are well socialized and playful are allowed to be dogs, in every way.  Instead of sleeping on concrete floors in kennels, my guests sleep separately on their own beds, surrounded by their treats and toys as well as their fellow four-legged buddies.

Your dog goes from your home to a facility that offers hours of playtime every day. No stress, no worry–for both the owners and the pets. I offer you both a vacation. Your dog deserves to have a good time.  And you deserve to enjoy your vacation, guilt free.

My goal is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere where dogs can be loved and play while fostering healthy habits in a supervised setting.

I look forward to giving them that opportunity.

Linda Wagner
Linda’s Pet Care Services, Inc.