My name is Linda Wagner and I am the owner of Linda’s Pet Care Services, Inc.  I grew up on a farm in Illinois, surrounded by animals and knew as early as the age of six, that I wanted to work with them when I grew up.

I studied Forestry and Animal Biology in college for three years before changing course and earning a bachelor’s degree in American History.  After graduating from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 1992, I moved to Estes Park for the summer…and never left!

I worked at Animal Medical Center in Estes Park under the tutelage of Dr. Rick Dill DVM, for three years as the manager of the boarding kennel and the impound and adoption center. During this time, I began to study animal behavior and created the first daycare program in Estes Park for playtime and socialization for dogs.

In 2002, I created my alternative facility for daycare/boarding and canine training. I work with local behaviorists and trainers to update and maximize the socialization program I offer through daily daycare as well as to provide a home away from home setting for dogs spending their vacation with me. Click Here to See Photos of our Facility.

We are a state and city licensed facility that serves as the nontraditional, happy alternative to a boarding kennel for your dog in Estes Park. 

I am the proud parent of Scout and Clouseau; I freely admit to spoiling them both, just as I will end up spoiling yours.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, swimming, cooking, foreign films, politics and vacuuming up endless amounts of fur.